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Can’t believe this is the 5th, already! That’s a massive achievement (and much work, right Zsuzsi? :D), many-many fun days, trillions of memories, thousands of new connections, and more importantly: hundreds of new friendships. New friends with recruiting professionals from all over the world.

Over the past years we have been fortunate to host trackleaders coming from the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland (or Croatia, Ivan? ;-)), Switzerland, Ukraine, Finland (or San Fran) and others. truBudapest is probably the most international recruiting happening in Hungary.

As years passed, truBudapesters have gotten more relaxed to turn a discussion from HUN to ENG so although we say, we officially run six English-speaking tracks – please feel free to join a HUN-speaking discussion and ask whether the folks are OK to change the language. In most cases, assumably, it won’t be a problem.

But now the 2017 menu! In short: it is a recruiting celebrity show. No kidding, not too nice words. We have got amazing big boom speakers who will touch the most critical recruiting and sourcing stories.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.03.44.png

  • The truFounder (truFather) (truApácska, if you wish…) Bill Boorman will run Brexit, Trump and others and discuss how these “things” may influence recruiting… I guess… we, Hungarians, can have a lot to share and/or argue here…
  • The good-old friend, the one-and-only brilliant Martin Lee, one of the ever sharpest sourcing minds on the planet, the British who is always humble but super sarcastic will also join us and run a sourcing track about the most recent secret LinkedIn hacks. Because only losers can’t make the most out of the new LinkedIn…
  • Andy Headworth joined a conf in Budapest a few years ago and since then our HR and recruiting folks dream about to meet and listen to him again. Now… this dream comes true as well… Andy will speak about… ha! Andy can speak about everything in social recruiting. So you guys… come up with your questions! Bombard the guru with whatever you wanna hear about and enjoy the time with him.
  • The legend, who has created the world’s biggest and best HR Tech conferences, globally, the Irishman from Budapest who never takes any speaking invitation, Marc Coleman (wow!!) has accepted to join us and speak about the LGBT diversity question. I am much honored having you, Marc, at truBudapest – thank you, Sir!
  • I remember the moment when HUN folks first heard about the I Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.39.15also remember how long hours they cannot concentrate on anything else but on these games… 😀 #painful Jan Tegze, the brain and creative, the Oz, the magician behind these games joins us, too and will speak about whether (or how?) (or why?) we need to constantly train our sourcing expertise? Why did he create and share these games? And what was his lesson learnt from this experience? 
  • And as we have already announced (but earlier and in HUN), Joel Bacas, the CEE Recruiting Manager at Danone, will also join us. Joel’s track, Making badass recruiters of your Hiring Managers, is an exciting part of the Hiring Manager conversation series. Joel has crafted a full training curriculum for Danone’s Hiring Managers and will share his journey. Only on truBudapest 😀

Concerning the tickets, my friends… There are 8 tickets left for the employer branding workshop and only 30 “regular” truBudapest tickets. That’s it – beyond these tiny numbers we are sold out!

As there is an end of capacity in the venue but also on the show, we won’t (‘coz we can’t) let more than 190 people join us – we wanna gently alert you to act, quickly. #nemonddhogynemszóltam

Register your ticket for the employer branding workshop here.

..and here for the left regular tickets:
Cya soon!

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