Global Leaders at truBudapest

OK… it’s too exciting, I know… but I want you to stretch your limits. you MUST meet new ideas and join arguments about talent acquisition that you’ve never had the chance to do so before.

three global leaders are joining us on truBudapest. #overdose

Natalie Glick 

…is IBM’s Global Strategic Sourcing Offering Manager. Natalie (beside other projects) is responsible for the global technical sourcing strategy at IBM and the initiative to bring internal mobility in to the talent acquisition pipeline. WOW! Can you imagine the scope of those assignments?

Natalie will share the IBM story with us: Scaling Sourcing Tech for a Giant.

Andy Curlewis

…is Cielo’s Senior Vice President who runs the Global Employer Brand & Digital practice. Andy and his team has built intelligent career websites (as one of the very first pioneers on the planet), designed and delivered numerous EVPs and full strategic brand consultancy projects, and together with his team, they are running and maintaining more than 40 large corporations’ social media accounts. No one knows more about Employer Brand!

Andy’s track: Employer Brand Bingo and the Digital Paradox.

Marcel van der Meer

…is the Global Sourcing Lead at Rabobank (NL). Marcel is a global sourcing tech and automation expert. Zapier, DataMiner, Phantombuster, Lemlist and the others – these are just regular toys under his sourcing belt. Grand Master in da house!

Marcel will talk about Growth Hacking in Sourcing and Recruiting.

you need more? ha! eighteen other tracks are about to come… ;-D stay tuned!

reserve your tickets now!

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